Makinex has added a 350kg narrow access dumper to the Cormidi dumper range. Cormidi dumpers have been distributed by Makinex for eight years now.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, Cormidi dumpers have been engineered to provide access into narrow tight spaces. Featuring an operating capacity of 350kg, the Cormidi 35 narrow access dumpers with a width of 740mm can access most backyards and any narrow access site. They are rugged, robust and versatile, allowing operators to easily lift, shift, load, transport and store. 

Makinex Sales Manager Paul Weaver explains that the Cormidi 35 has been added into their existing range of dumpers to meet a need for a motorised wheelbarrow more suited to the domestic, contractor and rural market. While the Cormidi 35 is an entry-level model that can be used by anyone, Makinex’s Cormidi dumper range goes up to 2000kg.

Paul adds that the Cormidi 35 is a versatile machine that will offer those using a conventional wheelbarrow a more efficient method of transporting materials. 

The undercarriage of Cormidi dumpers is highly durable allowing travel over 20° slopes and navigation over all types of terrain and ground pressures. The rocking roller undercarriage feature acts as a suspension system when travelling over rocks, gutters, tree roots and virtually any uneven surface. 

All Cormidi dumpers are supported by manufacturer’s warranty, local spare parts and service networks.