Mailsafe Mailboxes  is proud to introduce their new product range, the Storsafe over bonnet storage systems. These over bonnet storage systems are made entirely from aluminium and have been designed to increase storage in unit car parks and garages where space can be limited. The storage systems will not restricting the room required to park a car.

All Storsafe over bonnet storage systems are supplied with a three-point locking mechanism, ensuring that belongings are secure from damage and are safe from theft. As the compartment is raised off the ground, possessions are protected from fire, water, dust and vermin.

Mailsafe Mailboxes’ in-house powder coating facility ensures control of the quality of their supplied products from beginning to end. Care and attention is taken in packaging Storsafe storage systems for delivery, meaning they arrive at site on time and intact, every time.

By purchasing a Storsafe over bonnet storage system from Mailsafe Mailboxes means customers are dealing directly with the manufacturer, therefore reducing lead times and obtaining the exact product required.

Storsafe over bonnet storage systems are Australian-made.