Maica Laminates  offers a wide selection of products, including 'High Pressure Laminates', 'Postforming Laminates', 'Compact Laminates' and 'MAICA Postformed Tops'. The staff members at Maica Laminates are always ready to help customers in finding the perfect laminate to suit the particular surface.

High Pressure Laminates are offered in a wide selection of designs and colours. These laminates are suitable for furniture, tables, fixtures, counter tops, interior decoration and so on. High Pressure Laminates are more suitable for interior applications, and can be used well for both horizontal and vertical applications. They have high resistance to stains and impacts. The High Pressure Laminates are manufactured carefully to ensure that all the products produced are of uniform size and thickness. This facilitates bonding.

Post Forming Grade laminates from Maica Laminates are suitable for worktops, tabletops and kitchen tops. This product is offered in reliable quality and is resistant to stains, heat and scratching. They are available in different finishes namely, glossy, matt, crystal, quary and in three different thickness namely, standard, postforming and compact.

Maica Compact Laminates are available in different finishes and can be altered to any size and shape. They are compact and are used for surfaces that require high resistance to wear and tear. Maica Laminates also offers Maica Postformed Tops that are available in a variety of colours with high resistance to moisture and water penetration.

The special feature of Maica High Pressure Laminate is that it is offered in anti-bacterial grade to facilitate its usage in hospitals, clinics, schools, laboratories and other places that focus on hygiene.