Maica Laminates  specialises in providing quality water resistant and durable laminates for commercial as well as domestic applications, such as kitchen top, office and showcase, toilet and laboratory use. These laminated products from Maica Laminates offer maximum protection, durability and water resistantance. Maica Laminates offers a wide range of designs to facilitate interior decoraters and provide them with wide choice.

The innovative products of Maica Laminates, namely, MAICA Compact Wall Lining and MAICA In-Print-High Pressure Laminate have earned for the company, the Industry Service Excellence Award 2006, as well as the Interior Product Award 2006. Maica Laminates has even achieved a significant overseas presence.

In addition to its existing plants, Maica Laminates has lauched two manufacturing units in Butterworth and Lunas. These new manufacturing plants of Maica Laminates have been upgraded with latest cutting edge technology. These facilities have a manufacturing capacity of 226 million square feet per year.