Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing  demonstrated the benefits of their Retrofit Double Glazing system along with new sliding technology designed for ease of use and safety at DesignBUILD 2011 in Sydney.

The Retrofit Double Glazing system does not require structural changes or replacement windows and is now available as a double glazed sliding window, rather than a removable window panel.

The magnetic edging on the double glazed windows creates an airtight seal with the subframe using a clear optical grade acrylic panel. The seal and the air cavity between the acrylic and glass act as an insulation barrier against noise and temperature as evident in Magnetite’s interactive display at the DesignBUILD expo.

The new sliding technology was designed for ease of use and with safety in mind said Magnetite representative, Adrian Lafleur.

The previous removable window panel model did not address issues such as the strength of users and accidental removal of the panel. The new double glazed sliding windows from Magnetite are suitable for all demographics, including families with young children and the elderly.

The display featured a bar fridge and loud music to show the benefits of Magnetites double glazed windows including the product’s thermal efficiency and noise reduction.

Magnetite is able to customise the air cavity created by their double glazing system to create noise reductions up to 70%. The air cavity acts as a buffer to limit acoustic vibration while the air tight magnetic seals minimise airborne noise.

The double glazing system is up to six times more thermally efficient than glass. The double glazed windows are also energy efficient and decrease the need for artificial heating and cooling.

The product’s slimline frame is unobtrusive and available in a wide variety of colours to fit any décor.