Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing , specialist providers of retrofit double glazing solutions has added a new franchise office to their network of 11 franchises across Australia and New Zealand.  

The Brisbane franchise is located in Hemmant and will service the Brisbane and Greater Area.  

Adrian Lafleur, Managing Director of Magnetite said that the decision to expand into the Brisbane area was based on their strategy to take Magnetite to places where affordable window insulation was becoming a necessity for homeowners.  

Noise protection and energy-savings are the two key benefits derived by homeowners through affordable window insulation. Magnetite’s product works with existing windows and can be easily retrofitted.  

Magnetite’s window system offers insulation against heat and cold with the added benefits of significantly reducing energy costs and keeping external noise out.  

Mr Lafleur adds that Magnetite’s ability to reduce heat gain and insulate against the summer sun will be particularly relevant to Brisbane customers.  

Additionally, Magnetite window systems reduce the effects of noise pollution caused by urban area expansion and increasing density.  

Noise from outside penetrating through windows is one of the biggest complaints from customers, according to Mr Lafleur. Noise created by infrastructure such as roads and airports in addition to noise from urban living such as neighbours, pubs and hotels is being seen as a growing concern.  

Key features of Magnetite retrofit double glazing: 

  • Utilises innovative technology to provide insulation from outside noise, heat and cold
  • Optical grade acrylic panel attaches magnetically to window frames creating an airtight space that protects against noise and maintains a constant temperature within the home
  • Unobtrusive and easily removed for cleaning
  • Available in a range of colours to ensure aesthetics and view through the window are not compromised