Acoustic insulation solutions from Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing can be installed on existing windows to reduce noise from increasing rail line developments.

According to a 7 News report, residents along the rail line in Northern Sydney suburbs are at risk of health problems from the constant exposure to high pitched noises. For instance, a high pitch screech from passing freight trains in Beecroft was recorded at 102 decibels, almost as loud as lightning (110db) and very close to a rock concert (120db). Frequent exposure to this excessive noise can impact the residents’ quality of life by triggering conditions such as high blood pressure, sleep disturbance and long term deafness.

Noise nuisance issues were also raised by residents affected by recent freight line developments in Southern Sydney. However, there are plans to build more rail lines as part of the NSW state government’s infrastructure strategy, with new passenger rail capacity to be added in South West and North West Sydney suburbs.

Major freight line upgrades are also being planned to ease road congestion and enhance distribution links across the state. Adding more freight line capacity is expected to give businesses an incentive to choose rail over trucks, addressing Sydney’s notorious road traffic.

Despite the positive outcomes that may be expected from this massive infrastructure strategy, residents along the railway project will suffer from excessive noise. Moving away is an option open only to a few residents while most eagerly await action from the government to deal with the added noise problem.

To help residents impacted by the noise from the rail infrastructure development, the government is allocating funds for acoustic insulation.

Magnetite has been called upon several times over the past decade to provide multiple solutions for noise abatement including infrastructure projects such as the M7 toll road, Lane Cove Tunnel and Brisbane’s legacy Way tunnel project, among others.

Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing windows offer an efficient solution to help homeowners reduce unwanted or excessive noise through existing windows.