Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing  offers customised solutions for improving the performance of old windows in existing homes.

Windows serve an aesthetic as well as functional purpose, creating harmony between inside and outside spaces, adding beauty to the building facade, allowing natural light and providing great views. Windows, especially in existing homes are also responsible for thermal inefficiencies, accounting for up to 49% of heat loss and 87% of heat gain. Inefficient glazing can cause physical discomfort and higher power usage.

Smart window technologies employed in new homes deliver superior thermal insulation to create comfort, provide a healthy environment and achieve high energy efficiency. Improving windows in existing homes can be a challenge with the only solution being to completely replace windows with high performance double glazing windows, which can be expensive and even compromise the existing home design and value, especially in heritage homes with timber windows.

Magnetite’s windows can be retrofitted as a secondary window system with the secondary glazing allowing the homeowner to enjoy the benefits of double glazing without the hassle, cost and mess of completely replacing the existing windows. The double glazed retrofit windows can be optionally enhanced with draught proofing seals and solar control or low-e films to boost the performance above top-end double glazing.

Magnetite’s window solutions help optimise window performance to provide a comfortable living environment as well as create building efficiency to reduce reliance on expensive fossil fuels.

Key features and benefits of Magnetite’s double glazing retrofit windows:

  • Cost-effective, customised and easy-to-use solutions
  • Enhances the performance of existing windows
  • Minimises air infiltration and heat loss/ gain
  • Low U-value creates comfort and energy efficiency
  • Brings U-value down to an average of 2.5 and air infiltration to 0.5L/m² (WERS test)
  • Well insulated against heat loss or heat gain