In November of last year Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing were able to assist the Selling Houses Australia team to improve a cottage located in the Sydney suburbs.

The Selling Houses team take on some of the hardest to sell houses in Australia and this cottage was no exception. This heritage building was positioned in a particularly awkward location very close to the train line. This meant that the occupants of the cottage were subjected to an extremely loud commotion every time a train passed the house.

The selling Houses team chose to use Magnetite retrofit double glazing windows to block out the noise from the train tracks. Noise can travel through windows in several ways including vibrations from outside, and air filtration between window joints. Magnetite retrofit double glazing system can reduce noise by up to seventy per cent.

The show went to air in February and the results exceeded the expectations of those members of the Magnetite who were involved in the project. The great news was the team were successful and the house was sold.