The Magnetite Windows Adelaide franchise has recently completed a second installation project at the Mercure Grosvenor Hotel in Adelaide. The secondary window insulation system from Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing has reduced noise levels in guest rooms that were experiencing traffic noise. The original project was completed in 2006 and since then the system has undergone internal noise testing by the hotel. This testing reinforces the testing undertaken by the National Acoustic Laboratory on Magnetite.

Commercial clients need window insulation for a variety of reasons including energy consumption and cost reduction. Buildings such as hotels, schools and office space are taking advantage of government funding and rebates, such as the Green Building Fund and Building the Education Revolution to retro-fit existing windows.

Commercial building owners and tenants have unique needs and want to insulate windows but cannot afford the downtime to business that is associated with replacement windows. Magnetite window was chosen for The Grosvenor Hotel project because of the need for a discreet, retro-fit system due to the heritage status of the building.

Magnetite Windows provide insulation from outside noise and heat or cold. An optical grade acrylic panel attaches magnetically to window frames, creating an air tight space which protects against noise and maintains a constant temperature within the home. The frame is unobtrusive and can be easily removed for cleaning. Magnetite Windows are available in a range of colours.