Magnetic Automation Pty Ltd was recently involved in a maximum security implementation at a correctional facility where the company supplied a complete suite of heavy duty and tamper-proof security products.

Magnetic installed two rising steps, two boom gates, a custom-built turnstile, MSG slide gate and Sally Port doors at the correctional centre.

The rising step is a high level security product designed to stop fully laden trucks, and offers the additional benefit of no pinch or crush points. Safe for pedestrians, rising steps have the ability to stop 7-tonne trucks at 60 km/h.

Sally Port doors are heavy duty swing gates typically used in prisons for increased security. These doors feature individual locking actuators in the corners, allowing them to lock automatically.

Highly stringent guidelines and standards are applicable for security installations at government institutions such as correctional centres. Magnetic delivered their compliant heavy duty and tamper-proof products within budget and on time.