Magnetic Automation Pty Ltd announces a new range of rail stabling gates featuring a high security gate design for train stabling yards.

Magnetic’s rail stabling gates are designed to prevent the entry of vandals and pedestrians into trains when they are not operational.

Available in various sizes to accommodate the number of tracks, the new high security gates range from single leaf gates up to 7 metres to bi-parting gates up to 14 metres.

Featuring a design similar to Magnetic’s MSG swing gates, the rail stabling gates have been modified to suit the needs of railway stabling yards. Key improvements include positioning the gate motor 700mm above ground level and using a 110 volt-powered motor rather than the standard 240 volt motor.

The stabling gates are integrated with existing train signalling systems and include additional security features such as maglocks and sensors.

Magnetic Automation also offers customised pedestrian rail gates.