Security Swing Gates from Magnetic Automation offer control of vehicular passages at security access points.

Gates are maximum 7m each leaf and can be designed to suit specific applications.

Each gate can be strengthened to cope with high wind and cladding requirements. A range of compatible drive motors for Swing Gates are available to suit each application.

The extended range of gates include Swing Gates for pedestrian control, with widths between 1 to 1.5m

Magnetic Automation also offers the MRG series for Railway Gates, which are designed for control of pedestrian traffic through rail level and foot crossings, particularly where safety and high usage are of importance.

The Automatic Pedestrian Gate is vandal resistant and is of robust construction.

With a Magnetic Automation torque drive motor, which is made up of a protective indexing clutch and shock absorbing springs, internal damage is prevented when the gate is forced against its motion during operation.

The torque motor can be installed in any position without overheating or suffering any damage.