Because of the busy pedestrian traffic, shopping centres are particularly exposed to litigation through slip and fall injuries. There are sensible, practical and cost effective ways to increase a floor’s slip resistance.

A case study:

The Galleries Victoria had three problems –

1. How to protect customers from slip and falls on their beautiful stone floors

2. How to achieve the Australian Standard and protect from litigation, and

3. How to solve these slip resistance problems, without ruining the look of the environment

Through their facility management company Multiplex FM, they were introduced to MagicGrip , who specialise in slip resistant flooring.

After several site assessments and tests, the end result solves all three problems at once.

Can you spot the solution? Look very hard.

MagicGrip traction strips in clear were installed, according to the relevant AS/NZS. Client, shoppers and staff are happy and safe.