Mafi Timber Flooring was specified for the Kenzai House in Coogee, designed by The Design Commission (TDC). With expansive views of the beautiful ocean, the recently renovated home was named Kenzai – Japanese for healthy and strong – reflecting the healthy living environment and robust construction.

The client’s love of Japanese design and nature went hand in hand with their commitment to environmentally sustainable design practices, including the selection of natural materials such as timber, stone, wool and silk paired with raw concrete to create an interior rich in texture.

Specified for its sustainability credentials, Mafi’s natural oiled over coated wood floor reduces polluting waste. Wholly based on natural raw materials, Mafi’s oils are much more environment-friendly than lacquer treated wooden floors, which need to be disposed of as special waste.

Mafi timbers are sourced from carefully managed forests in Europe where every tree felled is replaced by planting a new one.

Bold colours have been used throughout the Coogee home, inspired by the immediate coastal environment. Mafi floorboards in Oak Sand Brushed Natural Oil offer a rich golden colour and matte brushed surface.  

Another advantage of Mafi timber flooring is its suitability for bathrooms and wet areas. Water can soak into the timber and be released back into the room while the floorboards remain stable and unaffected.

Key features and benefits of Mafi timber flooring include Australian made boards with a three-layer solid wood construction ensuring perfect balance and stability; and all-natural oil finish allowing the pores of the timber to remain open so that the wood can process moisture naturally, eliminating warping or cupping.

Mafi met all the project requirements for visual appeal, feel of the materials and ability to create a healthy indoor environment. Natural oiled timber is warm, non-slip and antibacterial, and filters the air. Partnered with the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice Program, Mafi timbers help to create a healthy interior living environment. Mafi wood floors are completely chemical-free with no VOC or formaldehyde content.

The Kenzai House was shortlisted for a Sustainability Award this year.

Photography by Sharrin Rees