Mafi Timber Flooring was specified for a renovated holiday home designed by Minosa Design in Kiama on the south coast of NSW.

Transformed from an old fibro weatherboard clad two-bedroom house, the new holiday home was completed redesigned by Minosa to meet the needs of a family with three daughters and plenty of friends. The client sought a relaxed and social environment for regular and lengthy stays, which meant the holiday home needed to address both comfort and everyday practicality goals in the design.

For the kitchen, the owners wanted a communal and unpretentious space where everyone would freely congregate. Well organised in design, yet very playful with pastels and bold black finishes, the kitchen was the star of the renovation project and won Minosa Design the KBDi NSW kitchen design of the year award for 2015.

The owners sought materials that required effortless cleaning and could cope with sunshine as they wanted to minimise the time maintaining the house and spend more time enjoying the holiday home. Mafi timber was selected in Oak Country Brushed Natural Oil for its incredibly hardwearing nature and ability to be used over underfloor heating.

Mafi is the only timber flooring supplier in Australia to guarantee wooden flooring installed directly onto the heated element.

Mafi timber floors come with a 100% natural oil finish, with no risk of yellowing from UV light exposure. Requiring minimal maintenance, the timber floorboards simply need to be washed with Mafi oil soap, leaving the natural plant oils and fats to soak in, thereby strengthening and moisturising the wood.

Additionally, Mafi Oak stairs and a custom designed bench seat were added to match the flooring throughout the kitchen and living spaces of the Kiama holiday home.