As of immediately, Mobotix camera models M12, V12, D12 and M22 come equipped with a world first 8GB internal flash memory for image and video recording built into the camera.

Mobotix has upgraded its line of IP CCTV cameras to include the world's first 8GB of internal flash storage. The internal memory can be used to record images and video footage, eliminating the need for storage on file servers or PC.

IP Surveillance systems rely on network attached storage systems or file servers to record images from IP Cameras. With the new line of Mobotix cameras no external components or configuration is needed. Cameras can stand alone with camera and recorder in one single unit. During recording there is no network load which greatly improves reliability.

The flash drive is built into the camera and cannot be removed (theft resistant). This also proves for greater reliability as Mobotix manufactures its cameras to have no moving parts with IP65 rating. In-built recording now makes remote surveillance a reality. Mobotix is distributed in Australia by Paqworks .