New from Moxa is the ioMirror E3210 high-speed, peer to peer, active Ethernet I/O server.

The Moxa active Ethernet I/O mirror E3210 is a new generation of I/O server that use the Ethernet and IP networks to extend the distance between digital inputs and digital outputs.

By using existing infrastructure a wide range of applications such as intrusion detection, fluid level sensors, alarm signals etc can be extended to multiple locations without needing to install extra transmission lines.

Transmission speed between DI and DO can be as high as 20 ms over an Ethernet network.

Due to the low time delay the ioMirror can be used for applications such as fluid level monitoring and transmitting the optical sensor signals used in conveyor belt systems.

Configuration is simple being carried about by a browser in a 4 step process. Signal mapping can be set up in under 5 minutes. The entire process requires no programming.


  • I/O status updates within 20 ms
  • Direct input to output signal communications over IP
  • Configuration in 4 steps without programming
  • Local alarm and remote alarm messaging
  • Supports Modbus/TCP for remote monitoring

Moxa active Ethernet I/O mirror E3210 is available from Paqworks.