Paqworks  has released an all in one ready to deploy Megapixel IP Camera solution for the taxi video surveillance industry.

With one single camera you can realise surveillance in 360°.

The new Paqworks Megapixel IP Camera is equipped with a hemispherical lens and combines a 360-degrees-view with a 3-megapixel (2048 x 1536 pixels) high-resolution sensor and Microphone built in.

The Megapixel IP Camera offers clean and clear megapixel live viewing and recording in every direction at the same time with no moving parts.

With a high quality product and robust housing cameras are known to have low failure rates.

With an integrated lens correction and digital pan tilt zoom, it is possible to inspect the whole scene via a 3D-flight in your standard web browser. For further requirements, Paqworks recommends its license free video management solutions.

With its smooth and compact design the Megapixel IP Camera permits the discrete way of surveillance. Easy adaption and integration in every situation is possible with different mounting kits.