New from Paqworks is a complete range of Megapixel IP Cameras from Mobotix applicable for SCADA site security.

Electricity, water, gas, communications, sewerage and transport systems are essential day to day services which are subject to high security risks. Securing SCADA sites has become one on the most important issues today in the SCADA industry.

The Mobotix D12D Dual FixDome camera is ideally suited for day and night out door security applications. With a resolution of 2.5 Megapixels, two independent camera modules display a 180° wide field of vision which can display 2560 x 960 pixel images.

The night model of the camera has one colour camera with daylight lens and one B/W camera module with IR sensitive lens. Depending on illumination, the Mobotix IP Camera will automatically switch between day and night modes without any moving parts.

Digital zoom, digital panning, video motion detection and event controlled recording reduces network and storage requirements. Cameras feature alarm management, ftp, email, internal storage ring buffer, play back and multiview for up 30 cameras in a single web browser.

Mobotix IP Camera's features:

  • IP65 rating
  • Dual Image sensors
  • Microphone, speaker, PIR detector
  • IP Telephony
  • Audio transmission to the browser
  • Definable exposure zones
  • Integrated video motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Digital zoom and pan
  • Video/audio recording and playback
  • Alarm management with pre and post alarm images
  • Software included