Mobotix AG, a manufacturer of digital high-resolution and network-based video security systems headquartered in Kaiserslautern, Germany, is fitting 3-megapixel colour sensors into its cameras with immediate effect. The image sensors have a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and will be available in all Mobotix camera series from now on at an unchanged price.

In addition, the new version 3.4 of the Mobotix software supports customer-specific image formats of any size and in any aspect ratio. This noticeably reduces the required bandwidth and storage volume since only the relevant parts of images are transferred and recorded. High sensor resolution and variable image scaling in the camera itself help to maximise detail sharpness without errors such as image artifacts or aliasing even when medium resolutions like XGA (800 x 600 pixels) are used.

Instead of the several cameras that would be needed in conventional security systems, just one high-resolution camera from Mobotix is enough to monitor large areas and store the images on a PC. In existing applications it will be possible, for instance, to simultaneously secure four lanes at a service station or four turnstiles at the World cup stadium in Kaiserslautern. In addition, investment costs are reduced as the cameras are easy to install and feature an emergency power supply. Mobotix is available locally through Paqworks Industrial Data Communications.