Madinoz  are responsible for providing high quality architectural hardware to Australians as they work closely with designers and architects to provide products which combine aesthetics and high grade materials. MDZ TR909 towel rails are just one of the hardware pieces available in their extensive collection, and are available in five different sizes, each with a diameter of 19 millimetres.  

MDZ TR909 towel rails are manufactured from stainless steel and available in a number of finishes including satin and polished. Treatments have been applied to prevent tarnishing and to protect the finish against weather exposure. Madinoz can also custom make the towel rails to suit specific project requirements.  

A full warranty offered by Madinoz covers the following:
Defects in workmanship
Defects in materials
Normal wear and tear within the normal working life  

The towel rails must also be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth and soapy water, then wiped dry in order to keep the rails looking their best. Using a scouring pad will cause excessive wear to plated finishes.