Madinoz have designed and manufactured a range of brass cabinet handles alongside designers and architects to ensure the hardware not only combines aesthetics and function, but longevity and eternal stying. MDZ L90 brass cabinet handles are 125 millimetres in width and have 16 millimetre sections.  

The handles are available in a number of finishes including polished and powder coated, and can be finished in a number of designs if the customer wishes to make the handles a statement piece. The designs include:

  • Madinoz Impress
  • Madinoz Retro
  • Madinoz Python
  • Madinoz Slate
  • Madinoz Rex  
Madinoz offers a comprehensive warranty which covers defects in workmanship and materials, and natural wear over the duration of the brass cabinet handles working life. The warranty does not cover improper installation, failure to properly maintain the hardware and the cost of freight, removal or replacement.  

Maintenance is a simple process and requires a soft cloth and clean soapy water which is then gently wiped dry. The use of scouring pads will cause unnecessary wear of the finish.