Madinoz  have manufactured a range of stainless steel flush pulls including the MDZ FP180 which is available in three sizes. The FP180A is 80 millimetres in length and has a bucket depth of 14 millimetres. The FP180B has a length of 70 millimetres and a bucket depth of 14 millimetres. The FP180C has a length of 50 millimetres and a bucket depth of 10 millimetres.  

MDZ FP180 flush pulls have been designed with the advice of designers and architects to ensure they are not only functional, but attractive, long lasting and have an endless appeal. Madinoz can custom manufacture the flush pulls to suit any individual project specification.  

Along with competitive pricing and an extensive warranty which covers natural wear over the working life of the product, Madinoz also coat their hardware with protective treatments which prevent tarnishing and resist the effects of environmental conditions.  

Madinoz staff can provide a wide range of technical, installation, material and maintenance advice to customers including proper cleaning methods to ensure the flush pulls remain as attractive as possible. A soft clean cloth with soapy water, and a gentle wipe down is all this is required.