Suitable for any renovation, design or new development, the Architectural Hardware from Madinoz has something for every project requirement including residential building and renovations, as well as architectural hardware needs.

The MDZ 2 Stainless Cabinet Handles, available from Madinoz, are available in four different dimensions, which include the following:


  • MDZ 2/A length 100mm, proj. 25mm, width 17mm, ctc 75mm
  • MDZ 2/B length 75mm, proj. 25mm, width 17mm, ctc 50mm
  • MDZ 2/C length 50mm, proj. 25mm, width 17mm, ctc 32mm
  • MDZ 2/D length 25mm, proj. 25mm, width 17mm, ctc 16mm


The Architectural Hardware products by Madinoz are available in various shapes and sizes for specific installations. Any special requirements can be made to order by contacting a Madinoz Architectural Consultant.