Made in The Shade Aust  manufactures and supplies a wide range of timber and canvas outdoor umbrellas for the commercial market.  

Cleaning and maintenance of outdoor canvas umbrellas must be done regularly to ensure a long lifespan.  

Canvas umbrellas must be hosed down regularly to keep them clean and clear of any bird-droppings or tree sap.  

Canvas umbrellas can still be successfully cleaned even if umbrella maintenance has been ignored for long.  

The umbrella should be put up in its stand and gently tipped over until it is resting on two of its arms. The hose is then directed at the vertical canvas wall at high pressure to wash the dirt away.   

Halfway through the operation, the umbrella will need to be turned 180 degrees and tipped over again to clean the other side.  

Stubborn dirt and stains on the canvas may need the ‘White King’ bleach solution.   

One will need to dilute the bleach with water in a bucket and wet the entire umbrella canvas using a watering can.  

After letting the bleached canvas sit for a couple of hours, one can use a brush to remove the loosened dirt or mildew.   

The final cleaning is done using a high pressure hose on both sides of the umbrella canvas to thoroughly remove all traces of the bleach.   

Once the umbrella canvas is dry, it can be treated with a waterproofing compound available at the local supermarket.  

Cleaning and re-proofing services are available with or without pick-up and delivery service.