The 1box™T36 is the newest addition to the M-Elec 1box™ family.

With 3 switchable output colours, full dimming ability plus automation system compatibility in one box, the 1box™T36 is the perfect product for commercial installations.

Featuring an output of more than 3000 lumens the 1BOX T36 easily changes between output colours by switching the unit off and on quickly. The ML-1BOX30D driver features a handy ‘lock-out’ mode for installations requiring only one colour. (factory setting)

How does it work?

With the technology of a built in controller, the 1BOX T36 LED troffer panel offers the flexibility to change from Warm White (3000K) to Neutral White (4000K) and to White (6000K) light outputs. Finally a light that puts you in control and can suit your dynamic work environment. (e.g. Neutral White for working on computer, White for doing paperwork or Warm White for meetings and casual events).

Simply turn the troffer panel off and on quickly to change between the three outputs in automatic mode or set the desired colour temperature and lock it in with manual mode. No special wiring requirements!

The M-Elec 1BOX T36 LED troffer panel offers the user more variety than any other troffer panel on the market.