M-Elec Pty Ltd supplies a range of rigid LED strips. The rigid LED strips are suitable for a variety of outdoor installations, including outdoor features with hidden lighting and under outdoor seating.

The strong LED strip lights are vandal resistant and have a number of other properties that make them particularly suitable for outdoors applications including:

  • Weather protection
  • Slimline compact design
  • Aluminium surrounds
  • PU glue potted filled centres
  • UV resistance
The lighting strips come in easy to install kits, that include plastic saddles and connectors. They are available in lengths of 500mm and 1000mm. The rigid LED strips have an IP66 rating, with a 120 degree beam angle and a lumen output of 460LM(WPP60-W).

The high quality LEDs are both powerful and energy efficient. The lighting strips consume only 9.6W p/m, whilst delivering fantastic lighting effects.