The T8 LED tubes from M-Elec Pty Ltd deliver significant advantages over conventional fluorescent tubes such as energy savings, longer lamp life and zero maintenance.

Though LED lighting is increasingly being adopted across the world and prices have been on the decline, the higher upfront cost seems to deter many consumers from investing in the technology. M-Elec’s T8 LED tubes are a prime example of customers choosing fluorescent over LED though the benefits of the latter are clear as daylight.

For instance, ten 36W fluorescent tubes operating eight hours a day can totally cost the customer $325.36 per year including power consumption and maintenance cost, as against $175.20 for the same number of fittings for M-Elec’s T8 20W LED tubes

Similarly, a fluorescent tube has an expected lamp life of 25,000 hours while M-Elec’s T8 LED tube will last for more than 50,000 hours.

Though fluorescent tubes have better output and beam angle, M-Elec still offers advantages in this area. Fluorescent tubes produce a greater amount of lumens when first installed, but the lumen output drops overtime, making the tube flicker, which can become hazardous in offices and warehouses.

M-Elec’s T8 tubes include rotatable end caps reducing the need for 360º beam angles that unnecessarily shine light onto the ceiling’s imperfections.

In conclusion, while fluorescent tubes may be cheaper initially, M-Elec’s T8 LED tubes deliver tremendous cost-savings over the long term.