Made in ITALY, covered with a 25 year construction warranty and with UV stabilised housing, the FUMAGALLI LED outdoor lights are perfect products to use in Australian harsh weather conditions. These fittings will last you for years and years with no ugly ‘yellow’ fading.

Fumagalli only uses high quality LED chips and the speciality of bunker range is using the internal reflected light to produce a soft glow through the blue or clear back frame.

The bunker range is also available with hidden microwave sensor giving you light only when movement is detected within a defined range. No visible sensors!

M-Elec’s Fumagalli range includes:

  • The bunker range: Stucchi, Lucia and Maddi
  • Recessed wall lights Leti: 18 models in 100, 200 & 300 mm variants
  • Wall mounted lights Extraleti: 18 models in 100, 200 & 300 mm variants
  • In ground Luminaries Ceci with DRIVE-OVER pressure load up to 5000 kg
  • Garden floodlight: Tommy Spike
  • Many of the Fumagalli range outdoor fittings feature replaceable GX53 LED models and at M-Elec we have developed world’s first, 12v GX53 LED module that will make outdoor lighting much easier to install, having a low voltage option.

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