M Collins & Sons (Contractors)  is a sportsturf supplier and distributor in Australia. M Collins supplies a vast range of sportsfield construction materials and sand and quarry materials to sporting grounds, Councils, Colleges, Universities, Golf Courses and various sporting associations.

M Collins & Sons (Contractors) also undertakes the supply and delivery of bulk landscaping, horticultural and quarry products. M Collins & Sons (Contractors) also supplies and installs cultivated turf grass for its customers.

M Collins & Sons (Contractors) also offers Sportsturf contracting services which includes construction of cricket wickets, playing fields and racetracks and the contracting services are executed utilising the company’s resources with a modern range of equipment. M Collins & Sons (Contractors) controls extensive reserves of extraction materials and operates several specialised production and recycling facilities, which supply a broad range of natural and manufactured materials.

Spring farm quarry and Turf farm production are the production operations undertaken by M Collins & Sons (Contractors). The Spring farm quarry which produces 150 tonnes of sand every hour includes a series of dams filtering the return water from the plant for reticulation and the plant is powered by two switch boards, each of dimensions, 5x 2 metres.

M Collins & Sons (Contractors) offers a wide variety of improved turf grasses to the landscape and sportsfield industry. M.Collins utilises innovative technology on its turf farm operations in the cultivation and harvesting of warm season turf grasses. Turf is delivered daily by the company owned turf truck and on arrival the turf is unloaded on to the ground with a tailgator.