West Australian roofing specialist Trustek Australia is helping home builders capitalise on the cost savings and long term benefits of using steel roof trusses, supplying over 10,000 individually designed steel roof trusses in the past few years.

Using its specially designed and patented TrussGen software program, Trustek is able to create individual roof designs for each home. This technology, combined with its rollforming operations and installation capabilities, guarantees a high level of quality throughout the entire process.

“We have the design capability and rollforming skill to offer a continuity of supply and cost savings for builders, which can be passed on to owners,” says Jeffery McGlinn, Trustek’s managing director. “Using the strength and flexibility of steel we can provide large open designs and raked ceilings that many previously thought impossible.”

The Trustek system uses roof trusses made from Zincalume steel, developed by BlueScope Steel . While a steel-framed home looks like any other from the outside, the roof cladding conceals a frame loaded with benefits and features. For example, Zincalume steel is low maintenance and will not twist, shrink or warp. Steel is also non-combustible, making it ideal for Australia’s fire-prone environment.

Source: Building Products News.