Lysaght met the challenging functional and warranty requirements for a roofing system at the Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre in Lidcombe, NSW.

The redevelopment of the Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre required all existing pools to be demolished and replaced with entirely new structures for six pools including an outdoor 50m pool, outdoor water polo pool and shaded outdoor children's splash pad, plus an air-conditioned indoor pool, indoor family leisure pool and indoor program pool.

An additional problem for NBRS Architecture and Cockram Construction was that the adjacent smaller buildings and the outdoor grandstand were heritage structures that needed to be retained and refurbished accordingly, requiring a deft design hand to thoughtfully link the old with the new.

Finding roofing products that would not only be suitable for use in the corrosive, chlorine-exposed environment but would also provide the required minimum 15-year warranty on products and installation was a major challenge.

Looking into the solution offered by the PERMALITE ALSULATE-125 insulated roofing system and PERMALITE Waveline and PERMALITE LT7 roofing profiles, NBRS Architecture specified the products and Cockram Construction contacted Rob Price, Product Manager at BlueScope Building Components.

Lysaght delivered the marine grade aluminium PERMALITE roofing solutions and also offered a warranty exceeding the project’s requirements.

Lysaght’s technical expertise proved extremely valuable in developing a suspension system for the indoor pool areas. Lysaght was able to supply an entirely aluminium solution, with Rob Price providing CAD drawings and design solutions for Cockram’s various proposals.

Lysaght also conducted testing on the PERMALITE ALSULATE-125 roofing system at their NATA-accredited laboratory to identify what loads it could support if the suspended ceiling were to be fixed directly to the panels.

A perforated PERMALITE Waveline ceiling attached to PERMALITE aluminium purlins was finalised for installation. The corrosion-resistant PERMALITE aluminium products, all supplied in the glistening Glacier White colour, provided a host of benefits.

The PERMALITE ALSULATE-125 roofing system, which combines marine grade aluminium linings with an insulating EPS core and has self-spanning capacities up to 6.4m, was installed for the indoor pool areas as well as the external grandstand.

Suspended beneath the roofing system via lightweight PERMALITE aluminium purlins in the indoor areas, the 11 per cent perforated PERMALITE Waveline ceiling created a pleasing, classic corrugated visual while also pleasantly absorbing and reducing the noise inherent in such areas.

The PERMALITE Waveline and PERMALITE LT7 profiles provided attractive, durable, low-maintenance roofing solutions for the entrance area as well as various amenities blocks on site.

According to Alan George, Operations Manager at Gartner Rose Roofing, who executed the installation, PERMALITE products are aluminium, lightweight and easy to handle; even the PERMALITE ALSULATE-125 roofing system is relatively easy to lay for such a thick sheet.

He explained that roofing the indoor areas was very straightforward and easy, even with three different products, and the PERMALITE ALSULATE-125 was extremely easy to handle and lay on the grandstand as the material was high quality and held a straight line. He also appreciated the contribution of the Lysaght team to the successful completion of the installation.