Appearance, durability and cost were the three important factors that drew owner-builder Peter Graves to Lysaght products when he was building his new home on a former vineyard property.

Finished in early 2018, Graves’ home in the Albury suburb of Thurgoona, NSW is located on a block that used to be the old St. Hilaire Vineyard winery entrance, overlooking the old wine vats as well as a park and grounds owned by a nearby church. Established by Frenchman Leonce Fre’re in 1878, the St. Hilaire Vineyard is named after a province in southern France and became famous as Australia’s first champagne producer.

The winery operated until the late 1930s, and the site is now home to a new housing development, though some of the original winery buildings still remain in the neighbourhood and are heritage-listed.

Designed by Graves and built with the help of friend and fellow builder, Ashley Habermann, the home features several Lysaght steel building products. Wanting to use Lysaght ENSEAM cladding ever since he first became aware of it, Graves used about 200m² of the material in COLORBOND steel Matt in the colour Monument on the house’s external walls, as well as Lysaght CUSTOM ORB in COLORBOND steel colour Shale Grey for the roof and Lysaght KLIP-LOK roofing, also in COLORBOND steel colour Shale Grey.

Graves was the first person in Albury to specify the product. The project was extra special to him since he was building his own house. While the foundations are built with brick, all the ground level external walls are covered in ENSEAM cladding.

Since they were installing ENSEAM cladding for the first time, they required a fair bit of education, particularly in terms of how to handle the flashings. With the help of online and hard copy reference materials provided by Lysaght, the installation went well and they finished the overall project on schedule.

Graves was very happy with the assistance offered by the company with Lysaght staff always available for in-depth phone conversations as well as trips to the site.

He said he was delighted with the final outcome and would definitely use Lysaght ENSEAM cladding again in the future. He also looks forward to trying out other colours in the range.