Steel cladding from Lysaght was installed on a boutique apartment building in the heart of Sydney’s inner-city suburb of Erskineville. The striking steel cladding strongly reflects the area’s industrial roots; Erskineville is one of several suburbs undergoing the exciting transition from gritty industrial landscapes to much-desired modern urban villages.

A bold statement in contemporary design, the $80 million Luxe On Eve boutique apartment community also honours the area’s brick making, tanning and industrial heritage. A winning design in the 2015 City of Sydney Design Excellence Competition, Luxe On Eve features 71 apartments across two beautifully crafted buildings six levels high, and which are visually enriched by the textural and tactile qualities of the natural materials used in their construction.

The steel cladding was specified in the dramatic, bold ribbed LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305 profile with the colour being the pearlescent custom COLORBOND steel colour Copper Penny, which sparkles in the sun to project Luxe On Eve as a truly shining example of stunning contemporary architecture.

The Lysaght Solution

Working closely with both the architect and the project developer’s head designer, Lysaght Business Development Manager Commercial/Industrial – NSW, Will Pereyra ensured Lysaght provided all necessary support for their desired specification of the LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305 profile.

According to Will, the developer had generally used Tilt-Up panels in their construction so the use of cladding of this nature was a new experience for them. He explained that a critical element at that early stage was ensuring the bold ribs and broad flat pans of the LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305 cladding would line up seamlessly and neatly with various features such as windows and across all the surfaces where it was to be used.

Working with the architects was crucial for ensuring that everything came together accordingly; this supportive approach is held across the Lysaght team, which knows the successful realisation of a project begins with engaging with the architect, looking closely at their models and drawings, and collaborating in developing solutions based on their architectural intent.

Lysaght’s supportive approach naturally also extends to the developer by providing anything they may require for successful delivery of a project. For instance, the developer has to weigh up very practical considerations regarding pricing and outcomes against what they want to achieve; Lysaght supports them with all the information and technical advice to ensure they can do just that, says Will.

The developer on this project was extremely pleased with the outcome; the results were beautiful with the LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305 cladding and they were planning to enter the project for awards.

LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305 steel cladding

One of five European-inspired profiles available in Lysaght’s new ZENITH premium range, LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305 cladding is a distinctive and dramatic profile favoured by architects for the visual interest it adds to large areas by casting evolving shadows throughout the day.

LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305 cladding can be fluted and tapered to create strong lines radiating out from a central point and also easily accommodate curvilinear structures, allowing even greater design freedom and aesthetic interest.

This strong and durable profile has a standard cover width of 305mm, is suitable for roof pitches as low as one degree, and features a specially designed concealed-fix system that maintains the clean linear visual, allows for thermal expansion and eliminates screw penetrations that can potentially allow water ingress.

The LYSAGHT ZENITH range is available in unpainted ZINCALUME steel, the contemporary COLORBOND steel colour range, the superb COLORBOND Metallic steel colour range and the expansive colour array of the LYSAGHT YOURCOLOR custom colour offer.