Lysaght mini orb corrugated iron walling from BlueScope Lysaght  is suitable for both interior and exterior applications on straight or curved surfaces. They retain the same traditional shape as Lysaght custom orb walling, but on a much more reduced scale making them ideal solutions for smaller applications such as feature walls.

Benefits and features of Lysaght mini orb corrugated iron walling include:

  • Aesthetically pleasing look, serving as an 'accent' feature
  • Ideal for use on decorative finishes for walls, ceilings, feature walls, partitions, screens and small awnings
  • Optional for the corrugations to run vertically or horizontally
  • Can be laid flat, pre-curved or spring-curved granting this product increased versatility
  • Optional range of COLORBOND steel colours and ZINCALUME steel
For quality corrugated iron walling, BlueScope present an ideal and efficient product that serves in both functionally and aesthetically.