Genuine COLORBOND steel from Lysaght uses an advanced paint technology to provide a durable, baked-on paint finish that resists peeling, chipping and cracking for long-life performance and good looks.

Providing the assurance of long-term peace of mind, COLORBOND steel is warranted and supported by BlueScope unlike other pre-painted steel products in the market, and has also undergone extreme testing to ensure it can handle the harsh Australian conditions.

Since these pre-painted steel products don’t have the advantage of COLORBOND’s advanced paint technology, they may not be able to deliver a perfect match when used for gutters and fascia or provide the same long-term assurance of good looks and performance.

Given the considerable investment made in new homes, homeowners must insist that their builders only use roofing products made from genuine COLORBOND steel. When specifying Lysaght, look for the genuine article by checking for the COLORBOND steel branding on the product or its packaging.