Sydney-based company Enviro-Options is putting a Lysaght fencing product from BlueScope Steel to an innovative use with its new range of environmentally-friendly E-Huts, or Environmental Huts, which house another of the company’s products, the Enviro-Loo, an on-site, remote area sanitation system that offers an alternative to wet flushing.

Consulting engineer and designer Craig Fyall says that a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing material was needed for the E-Hut because they are used for natural parks, golf courses and other open spaces have to be light and flat-packed for ease of transport. “We needed to use a non-corrosive material and found that the Colorbond steel range offered by BlueScope Lysaght was fantastic, probably one of the best painted steel products in the world,” he notes. “We looked at aluminium and timber but in the end we came back to steel being the most cost-effective solution for our application. We designed the huts with the cladding running horizontally instead of vertically. Using the material horizontally made the huts actually appear more spacious.”

Fyall selected Lysaght Neetascreen for the E-Hut walls and Lysaght Custom Blue Orb for the curved roof. Flexibility of design is a key feature of the huts and to date up to 30 different designs have been created. They have been so successful that Enviro-Options is now looking at expanding the range to include modular prefabricated housing.

Source: Building Products News.