Purpose-built port facilities for IPS Logistics Group which handles thousands of tonnes of cotton, paper, timber, seeds, grains and other cargo commodities are nearing completion at the Port of Brisbane.

At the Fisherman’s Island site, IPS Logistics has used its own construction management team and a building solution which included BlueScope Lysaght Supapurlins.

The innovative design of the Supapurlins allows increased spacing and fewer rows of bridging for maximum cost efficiency. It also provides extra strength without a weight penalty.

“The Fisherman’s Island project involves the construction of four warehouses which will make our commodity handling operations among the most advanced in Australia,” says IPS construction manager, Mick McKinnon. “When you are designing warehouse facilities it is important to obtain every possible space and material efficiency you can.

“The decision to use Lysaght Supapurlins was made not just because of the material savings they provide, but because when you incorporate them in the design the savings flow on to the whole project.”

Lysaght Supapurlins are available in Supacee and Supazed configurations. Both types feature longitudinal web stiffeners which considerably improve their performance and allow longer spans than conventional purlins.

“The Supazed purlins we specified have allowed us to span further with a smaller purlin,” says McKinnon. “We are spanning 10 metres using a 250 size where you would need to go to a 300 size with a normal purlin.

“You end up using a lighter, stronger purlin that is easy to handle. The cost effective benefit flows on to the need for fewer columns because of the longer spans. When you have a 260m long shed the difference between 7.5m bays and 10m bays is very worthwhile.

“With fewer columns there are less footings required, so the savings really start to compound.”