Western Australian architect Craig Poletti designed his own family home on the Geraldton escarpment, drawing inspiration from the site’s spectacular ocean views to produce a classic design specifically suited to the changing needs of his family.

This new residence is the family’s fourth house, Poletti says. “It’s the final one that the kids (aged 7, 10 and 11) will call home,” he says. “It therefore needed to be timeless - built to survive our changing needs as a family and to last the test of time.”

The Poletti house presents a striking statement when viewed from the beach below. Located on a 1400 sqm block, high up on the Geraldton escarpment, the house is linear and streamlined in design, with 50 metres of frontage facing the ocean. Nestled in the natural vegetation of the escarpment, the house features an enormous balcony cantilevered over the escarpment, and extensive glazing on either side of the house.

“The whole house is designed to take advantage of the fantastic ocean views offered by the location,” Poletti says. “The windows on either side of the house are situated such that you can look right through the house from the back garden to the ocean beyond. You get ocean views no matter where you are – even in the swimming pool!”

Durability was an important requirement for the house. “It needed to be durable enough to withstand the harsh climatic conditions which prevail in the area,” Polletti says. “The escarpment location exposes the site to heavy salt laden winds. It was important to select materials that could stand up to these extreme conditions, while being low maintenance and attractive.”

And that’s where BlueScope Lysaght came in. The company worked with Poletti to custom design Lysaght gutters and fascias in corrosion-resistant 455 grade 2 DR stainless steel for the house. “I wanted a uniform aesthetic - a fascia and gutter that was continuous around the whole plane of the roof,” Poletti says. “I worked with BlueScope Lysaght’s architectural representative, Vince Carnevale to come up with a functional and cost effective solution.”

Lysaght Spandek profile cladding in the Colorbond Ultra steel colour Dune was selected for the building’s large, skillion roof. A contemporary, trapezoidal profile, Lysaght Spandek is ideal where a strong, bold corrugated appearance is required.

The building’s proximity to the water’s edge made Colorbond Ultra steel the optimum choice of roofing material. Developed primarily for coastal environments, Colorbond Ultra steel’s unique combination of protective coatings makes it one of the most cost effective, corrosion resistant materials available.

“Lysaght Spandek has given a clean line to the relatively flat roof,” Poletti says. “And Colorbond Ultra offers good durability in this corrosive coastal environment.”

“The whole house works fantastically,” he adds. “It’s great to live in and the family loves it. We’re very happy with the result.”