Hunter Douglas Commercial introduces a new fabric to their Best of Commercial collection for roller blinds.

Screen Nature Ultimetal features an ultra-fine layer of aluminium on one side of the fabric to dramatically improve solar energy control. Using this fabric on roller blinds helps reduce energy costs significantly with its ability to reflect 70% of solar energy away.

Additionally, Screen Nature Ultimetal has low levels of light transmittance, maximising glare control and providing the fabric with a clear edge over other products in the market.

Screen Nature Ultimetal fabric is made from an all-natural glass core yarn, and is 100% PVC free and 100% halogen free with no VOCs, making it ideal for use in commercial buildings.

Unlike PVC and polyester fibre fabrics, Screen Nature Ultimetal is incombustible with a fire rating of Mo. The fabric’s excellent fire resistant properties with very low smoke emissions meet both French and German standards.

Certification of Screen Nature Ultimetal fabric

Screen Nature Ultimetal fabric meets the certification requirements set by GREENGUARD for Low Chemical Emissions; has been treated with Sanitized Antimicrobial Protection; meets the certification requirements set by OEKO-TEX for the exclusion of harmful substances; and has been tested and does not exceed the maximum VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) criteria specified by the Green Building Council of Australia (IEQ-11).