The refined range of Alpha awnings from Hunter Douglas Commercial offers improved ease of installation and greater options than before.
The Alpha range of straight drop awnings is available in five guiding options including Alpha SRS (Side Tensioned Channel), Alpha Deep Channel, Alpha Cable Guide, Alpha Drop Awning and Alpha Pivot Arm System.
New options in the Alpha awnings ensure greater strength, making them suitable for challenging coastal conditions. Refinements include span widths of up to five metres and drops up to four metres by incorporating a heavy duty 78mm steel roller tube, a unique bottom rail that offers added functionality with stronger locking bolts, hold down straps, new fabric valance options, concealed spline inserts, insect brush and the ability to add additional weight bars for windy conditions.
Sandra Gonzalez, Marketing Manager for Hunter Douglas Commercial explains that the refinements on the Alpha awnings range take into consideration functionality, installation ease and aesthetics to ensure the range is ahead of the curve when it comes to commercial trends.
The straight drop awnings have been made stronger with a 2mm thicker locking bolt, but the bottom rail of the pivot arm awnings has the same design curve as the straight drop awnings to maintain aesthetic consistency across the range. The cable guide awnings are also now easier to install with an extension plate, which makes the top cable bracket more accessible during installation.
Alpha Awnings are designed and engineered in Australia, specifically for the Australian climate.
New operating options in the Alpha awnings range include: 

  • 9:1 manual crank, specially designed for straight drop applications with an internal dampener to protect the gearing components in high wind areas
  • External motorised options including button, wall switch and a new automatic tensioning motor that allows the awnings to be locked in position
  • Internal cord operation for widths up to 3500mm
  • Spring operation allows the awning to be manually pulled down to the required height and locked off using the sliding bolt system or hold down clip for widths up to 3500mm
  • Sun and wind options, special remotes and integration into automation systems also available
Key features of Alpha awning systems:

  • Wide range of hardware and fabric colours allow customisation for any project
  • Everview external screen fabric in 24 colours including metallic, natural and clear yarns
  • Fabric provides heat and glare reduction and UV protection
  • Dickson constant acrylic fabric in a selection of 60 colours with a wide range of solid and striped fabrics for improved privacy and sun control
  • Clear PVC option also available with improved protection from wind and wet weather, whilst also allowing great view
  • Can be automated using sun and wind sensors or connected to building management systems to optimise energy savings
  • 5-year commercial warranty with the exception of Dickson Orchestra Fabric, which has a 10-year warranty on the fabric
  • Clear PVC option has a warranty of 12 months