3form Material Solutions, available from Hunter Douglas Commercial , featured at the AIS Equinox Event 2009, situated on Level 89 of the Eureka Tower, Melbourne's newest architectural icon.

About 180 interior designers experienced an evening event, which showcased the extensive range of 3form Material Solutions among other high-end designer products against a background of 360° views of the city.

Textured, Varia Ecoresin translucent panels in a variety of colours, jewel-like Chroma blocks and a non-woven polyester parametre screen in green apple were presented to inspire and present a range of creative possibilities.

Applications such as feature walls, bar tops, sliding doors and screens for a variety of projects were discussed by Paul Vaughan, 3form Manager and Marcelle Dietrich, 3form Consultant, Hunter Douglas Commercial at AIS Equinox Event 2009.