To suit today’s fast paced lifestyle, Lush Turf Solutions offer synthetic grass that is easy to maintain, does not require watering and is resistant to droughts and insects. The synthetic grass does not require chemical spray and hence is a good alternative for persons suffering from allergies. With Lush Turf Solutions’ synthetic grass, homeowners can enjoy evergreen lawns all year round.

Lush Turf Solutions offer synthetic grass, which can be used for both residential and commercial premises such as homes, parks, playgrounds, offices, malls and hospitals, to name a few.

In addition to supplying synthetic grass, Lush Turf Solutions also carry out a full installation service for their customers. The installation service involves site preparation to give a complete, lush green appearance.

When laying synthetic grass, irrigation or sprinkler systems are not needed. For best results, the site where the synthetic grass needs to be laid, should be sloping sightly to allow for proper drainage. First, a layer of crusher dust is spread on the chosen site to form a base for synthetic turf. Then according to the layout, the grass should be measured and cut. The turf is then joined with tapes and adhesives and secured with galvanised pins. Finally, the pile is brushed up and if desirec, topped with fine washed sand. Tapes, adhesives and galvanised pins for securing the grass are available from Lush Turf Solutions.