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    Lush Turf Solutions offer Synthetic Grass that never needs to be mowed and is 100% drought proof

    Lush Turf Solutions

    Thanks to improvements in technology, there’s an alternative to a natural grass lawn that is becoming more popular and more affordable than ever before. This time and cost saving solution is 100% drought proof and never needs to be mowed.

    Natural Looking Synthetic Grass
    The quality of synthetic grass has improved dramatically in the last few years. Gone are the days of plastic looking flat pile grass. The grass supplied by Lush Turf Solutions looks and feels like natural grass. With an 8 year manufacturer’s warranty and expected life span of 15 years or more, this quality product is sure to enhance the beauty of homes for many years.

    Child and Pet Safe Synthetic grass is completely safe for children and pets: no allergies from grass clippings, no pesticides, no grass stains on children’s clothes and no more muddy footprints through the house. Synthetic grass is also less attractive to insects and pet mess can easily be scooped and hosed away.

    Lush Turf Solutions can arrange for installation including site preparation, or users can it themselves. 

    No Mowing
    A synthetic grass lawn will always look like it’s just been mowed.

    No Watering
    Enjoy a lush green lawn whilst conserving our scarce water resources.

    No Fertilising
    Even those shaded areas where grass is a problem to grow will be green and lush.

    Minimise Weeding
    Throw out the chemicals and claim victory in the war against the weeds.

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