A wide variety of panel heaters are also offered by Low Energy Living . These panel heaters are categorised as Atlantic Panels and are manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers of high quality panel heaters.

Atlantic panels from Low Energy Living have highly sensitive and unique electronic thermostats for smooth operation. These panels run on a highly powerful natural convection system that helps distributing the heat without even using a fan.

These panel heaters from Low Energy Living are highly suitable to be used by people with allergies and Asthma because these heaters do not circulate the dust through the air.

The F-117 model of Atlantic panel heaters from Low Energy Living is strong and silent. This panel heater does not require any fan because of its electronic thermostat and can easily be mounted. It is easy to use this panel heater with a plug in timer.

A specific brand namely Tatou bath heater is also offered by Low Energy Living. These bath heaters are highly efficient and have high capacity aluminium diffusers along with a slightly convex and large surface area that helps producing draught free radiant heat.

Tatou bath heaters from Low Energy Living are easy to install and can be controlled with the help of a small plug in timer.