LouvreTec  introduces its new 200 Louvreline Panel. The distinctive rectangular shaped Louvreline blades have been primarily designed as opening or adjustable wall panels.

The Louvreline Panels have been designed for external use, but can also be used internally. LouvreTecs 200 Louvreline Panels are ideal for external panel applications such as in front of joinery or for closing off decks and verandas. 

Louvreline allows one to enjoy a wide view looking forward, while achieving a high degree of side and rear privacy from neighbours. Used horizontally or vertically the defined rectangular lines provide an entirely new range of Louvre design options and applications.

Features of the 200 Louvreline Panels include:

  • Blades turn through 180 degrees and can be motorised or handoperated
  • Slim line 200mm wide panels are only 27mm deep allowing over 165mm clear space when opened
  • High strength and durability
  • Elegant all aluminium triple box section design allows for good spans both vertically and horizontally
  • The panels overlap when closed, shutting silently onto a hidden woolpile closing strip eliminating any metal to metal contact
  • No additional curtains required