Outdoor rooms are an excellent addition to homes with the homeowner getting a flexible space to relax, entertain guests or even create a play area for children. Outdoor rooms are a great way to be at one with nature without giving up the comforts of a home.

When outdoor rooms are designed with opening roofs, you can enjoy plenty of sunshine and fresh air thanks to the improved ventilation. An opening roof by LouvreTec Australia allows you to open the blades fully at a 90° angle or close them completely. The adjustable roof will allow as much or as little light and breeze into the outdoor room as desired by the user.

Operated with the touch of a button, via remote control or even through an app on your smartphone or mobile device, a LouvreTec opening roof is just perfect for an outdoor smokers’ lounge. The home can be kept free of smoke and associated odours, with the opening roof providing extra ventilation while allowing cigarette smoke to move up and out.

LouvreTec’s outdoor room and opening roof solutions

LouvreTec offers a selection of seven types of opening roofs to flexibly meet different design specifications. Made from high quality materials, LouvreTec opening roofs are durable and can withstand all types of weather conditions.

Consult with LouvreTec for an opening roof solution for your home.