When you are choosing outdoor blinds for your home, you need to consider a few factors before selecting the most suitable product.

To begin with, you need to decide which area of your home should the outdoor blinds be installed. Areas such as the verandah, patio, or pergola can be set up as an outdoor entertaining area for friends and family. Then, you will need to decide on the style of outdoor blinds followed by the type of operation. Finally, you need outdoor blinds that will serve you well throughout the year, no matter what season it is.

Outdoor blinds from Louvretec Australia are an excellent choice when it comes to enclosing the space underneath your opening roof. Outdoor blinds offer privacy and protection from sun, wind, rain and insects all year round, and can be fully retracted – when not needed – into a stylish headbox.

Louvretec offers both mesh and clear PVC blinds, and each type has different features and benefits.

Louvretec clear PVC blinds are great for unrestricted views but will not allow airflow in your enclosed outdoor apace.

Louvretec mesh shade blinds will allow a soft breeze to flow through your outdoor room, and are available in a range of colour choices and fabric options. You can also choose the percentage of ‘openness’, which will determine the level of airflow.

When it comes to operating your outdoor blinds, you can choose manual or motorised control options.

Manual operation requires you to manually wind and unwind a mechanism in order to draw or extend the outdoor blinds. Very simple to operate, this is popular with homeowners who do not need to draw or extend their outdoor blinds too often.

Motorised outdoor blinds feature fully automated controls, and can be the perfect addition to a smart home providing sophistication and the convenience of easily controlling the blinds.

Louvretec outdoor blinds are custom manufactured to the highest standards and to your particular specifications. Get in touch today.