Louvreclad installed a custom cladding system for the Indooroopilly State High School Secondary Learning Centre, designed to meet the brief for a robust, low maintenance and budget-friendly solution.

Hayball lead architect Phil Hindmarsh received a technical presentation from Louvreclad for the Indooroopilly SHS project, based on the Department of Education brief, which called for a proprietary cladding system that was robust enough to withstand the school environment, met the budget, allowed simple installation and minimised maintenance. The architect sought to create a horizontal linear aesthetic that referenced the weatherboards language synonymous with the heritage of schools in Queensland.

Louvreclad’s solution combined their Platinum Series aluminium cladding with Polaris Series perforated metal screens to create a 3mm perforated and solid aluminium plate rain screen cladding system. By combining proprietary details and bespoke potential, Louvreclad Platinum Series ensured that the proprietary component met the Department Of Education’s requirements while allowing the customisation and engineering needed to suit the architectural design objectives.

To address concerns about the strength of the planned cladding system, a full-scale prototype of the Platinum Series was designed and manufactured, which was immediately approved by all relevant stakeholders as it ticked all the boxes in both form and function.

The Louvreclad team worked with the architect to create the architectural specification for the project, detailing the design and engineering requirements including the necessary quality and non-combustible certification required, while also mitigating risk for the head contractor.

Working with the architect as well as ADCO Constructions – the contractor on the project – Louvreclad designed, engineered, manufactured and installed the Platinum Series and Polaris Series 103 solid aluminium cladding system, complete with sunscreens, balustrades and sun hoods.

The final design outcome is an undulating, curvilinear façade finished in Interpon Surfmist Satin and Matt powdercoating, with the project showcasing the value that can be added when the Louvreclad team is involved during the early design phase.

“Louvreclad facilitated an outcome that exceeded the Department of Education’s expectations for a building cladding system,” observed Hayball lead architect Phil Hindmarsh.